6V Rigid Clamp Tray

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Optima 6V Rigid Clamp Battery Tray.

Billet Aluminum Rigid Clamp Tray
for your 6V Optima Battery


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Optima 6V Angle view 1 Optima 6V Angle view 2 Optima 6V Angle view 3 Optima 6V Angle view 4 Optima 6V Angle view 5
Tray 6V Angle view 1 Tray 6V Angle view 2 Tray 6V Angle view 3

        We specifically designed this tray to fit your Optima 6V style Red top battery. This tray was created in our own shop, and starts as 3 pieces of Solid Billet Aluminum (6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Top Quality Aluminum). We then mill it to shape and exact size using state of the art CNC machinery. It's brand new and comes with all the bolts and fasteners you will need to assemble and install it. The tray comes with a satin brush finish and the edges have been given a chamfer to create a clean and sleek look.

        Our shop has been making Optima Trays for years, and have come up with specific dimensions that follow the shape and contour of your Optima Battery to hold it tightly in place. Each of our trays are designed for a specific Optima Battery so you know when you buy this tray, it will fit exactly as described. As you can see by the pictures we pay close attention to structural integrity without sacrificing design and functionality.

        To the best of our knowledge This tray is NHRA Legal! When we checked, the rules stated that the battery tray is required to be bolted to the vehicle with 3/8" bolts which come with our tray.

        The tray pictured has a FREE "Satin Brush Finish". We also offer a "Mirror Polish Finish" & a "Protective Clear Powdercoat" for those who want a more reflective or protected finish.

What's included:
Optima 6V Everything 1 "Solid Style" Bottom
2 Bottom Clamps
8 Stainless Steel Fasteners
4 Zinc Plated 3/8" Bolts with lock washers and nuts
1 Allen Wrench to assemble the tray
1 Set of directions for easy assembly
5 Year Warranty


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Optima 6V - Mounting Options The tray comes with 4 mounting screws which are intended to be used in the 4 countersunk mounting holes. If you are part of NHRA you will need to use the included 3/8" Zinc plated bolts. You can always use all 8 included fasteners for super mounting strength! You have the option to choose which layout fits your installation best.
Optima 6V - Double Mounted With 2 screws on each clamp to hold down your Optima battery, you know it will be held securely to the tray. We have designed these clamps to hold along the entire flat area of the Optima battery near the clamp for maximum holding force.
Optima 6V - Pocket Bottom All of our bottoms prevent the battery from sliding out of place when it is set inside the 1/4" pocket. This pocket is specially designed to follow the contour of the Optima battery keeping it firmly in place.
Optima 6V - Chamfer Special attention has been paid to the countersunk holes where the machine screws sit. Each screw sits just a little lower than the surface giving a professional and smooth look.
Optima 6V - 5 Year Warranty Our trays come with an incredible 5 Year Warranty! It is because we are so confident that our trays will stand the test of time that we are offering such an amazing warranty period. Should you ever need replacement parts, we are here to make it easy and painless! We even cover all shipping costs within the USA.

Technical Data

The L x W dimensions for this Optima Battery Tray are exactly 11" x 3.9". This means that you will need a minimum of a 11 1/16" x 4" area for the tray to fit. The tray also makes your battery sit 1/4" higher because of the tray under the battery. If you have questions about your specific installation area, we are available to answer them at 877-201-9771.

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Optima 6V Dimensions

What others have been saying about us...

"Words cannot describe. Very, very nice. Precision fit, awesome look. Thanks!!! A++" Robert - Oviedo, Florida

"WOW THAT IS NICE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++" M.D. - Woodburn, Kentucky

"Great product, better people, looks great in my 48 willys truck" PJ - Kempner, Texas

"This product is awesome, fast shipping, no let downs. sweeeeeet!" Brandon - Ft Meyers, Florida

"First class product and service!" Gary - Trenton, Michigan

"Couldn't be happier. Awesome battery tray. Thanks a ton." David - Villa Park, Illinois

"Very nice custom touch!!!" Jake - Appleton, Wisconsin


Q: I like the quality of your trays and have a custom design in mind. Can you make me a custom tray?

A: Yes, we make our trays in house and usually within a week can have your custom tray ready to ship. Click here to see examples of our Custom Optima Trays.

Q: I don't see a tray listed for my battery. Do you make one for it?

A: We have trays available for every Optima Battery so if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us and ask. Yes, we are always happy to design and make new style trays available. We can make a tray for your battery for around the same price as our other trays that we have listed. Since we make our trays in house we can typically have a tray designed and ready to ship within a week.

Q: Can I get a discount if I order more than 1 tray?

A: Yes, Just email us and we can quote you a discounted price.

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Tray 6V Angle view 1 Tray 6V Angle view 2 Tray 6V Angle view 3
Optima 6V Angle view 1 Optima 6V Angle view 2 Optima 6V Angle view 3 Optima 6V Angle view 4 Optima 6V Angle view 5

Retail Price: $119.99
Your Price: $89.99
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