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Wicked Aluminum Raspberry Pi 5 Open Shield Case with Header Extensions installed - Angle 3

Raspberry Pi 5 Open Shield Case (Fits 8Gb and 4Gb)

$ 74.99

RPi 5 Open Shield CaseAluminum Case CNC Manufactured to fit your Raspberry Pi 5

The Open Shield Case allows HATs and shields to be used with the RPi 5 board while still utilizing the thermal heatsink integrated design of the case to keep the RPi 5 running cool.

  • All PCB connectors are available through the top of the case
  • Allows HATs and Shields to be utilized
  • Fits both 8Gb and 4Gb versions
  • Direct Thermal Heat Transfer and Dissipation throughout the entire Case
  • Pulls heat from all 5 of the main IC's on the board (CPU, RAM, RP1, PMIC Power Regulator, and Ethernet Transceiver)
  • Includes Thermal Grease, 4 screws, 4 rubber feet, and 1 Allen wrench, 2x20 and 2x2 header extensions
  • All side ports fully accessible. USB's, RJ45, Power, HDMI's, Power/Reset Switch, and SD Card
  • Totally Silent
  • Strong - Aluminum keeps your Raspberry Pi 5 protected

A direct thermal transfer of all 5 IC's allows this case to cool your Raspberry Pi 5 like no other! Other cases will only pull heat from the CPU and don't bother with the other 4 heat generating chips.

This case is the result of over 10 years of my research and development in Cooling Case Design for Small Board Computers. Starting with the original Raspberry Pi in 2013, I've developed a silent, customizable, Aluminum Case for every major release of the Raspberry Pi board. This is the newest release for the Raspberry Pi 5, and by far the BEST one yet.

CNC Manufactured in the USA with very tight tolerances here at Barch Designs, this case fits AMAZING. There are 5 internal pillars that come down to touch the main IC's of the Raspberry Pi 5 board allowing the heat generated to be pulled quickly away and dissipated throughout the entire case keeping your board running smooth and cool.

This case fits the 8Gb, and 4Gb versions of the Raspberry Pi 5 board. The GPIO, SD card,  Power/Reset switch, and all top PCB connectors are accessible when the case is fully assembled. Four rubber feet are included to help with air flow around the case.

A 2x20 and 2x2 Header Extensions are included to raise the connections higher for plugging in HATs and Shields through the case.

The case comes with clear plastic and neoprene inserts to protect and support the Raspberry Pi when putting the case together. These ensure that the board is supported under the IC's when the pillars make contact. Another upgrade this year are rear positive stops for the PCB to set the board exactly where it needs to be for the pillars to maintain proper contact with the IC's.

The CAD drawing can be viewed publicly in OnShape at the following link if you would like to modify or check out the case for your own personal use.

Please note that if WiFi signal is crucial to your project, I recommend using an external USB WiFi dongle as radio signal strength of the on board WiFi is reduced inside the case. However, this can be a desired trait for those wishing to reduce overall interference from the RPi board to nearby peripherals such as HAM radios.

YouTube walkthrough of new features of the RPi 5 case

*This listing does NOT include the actual Raspberry Pi Computer Board

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